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Garden bench for Kai by kretyen

Part of preparation for winter, now that fall is seriously with us, is storing outdoor furniture. That is a major problem for me since storage space is at a premium. The other problem, as I look at my garden furniture while stowing it, is that it looks so shabby. I cannot even call it Shabby chic.

I would love some clever outdoor furniture that is funky or interesting but can stay out in all weather. I have two pieces of furniture that I like. My favorite bench is an old park bench, the kind that is made of such heavy wrought iron that you cannot budge it. It used to sit on my grandmother’s front porch- so you know it is an antique. I took off the rotting wood and repainted it to match my front door and front of the house which is a silvery gray and fuschia. I love the look. This bench can weather any season.

The new piece that I treated myself to this year is a bench made from concrete. I bought it because it was on half price sale at my local nursery. I worried that it might look like it belonged in a cemetery. But it looks like it fits in a garden. And I don’t have to store it for the winter.

Still I wish I had really nice outdoor designer furniture.

My problem is that I have that cliche of “champagne taste with a beer budget.” Readers by now must know that most of my plants were plants that friends traded or I propagated, so you know that I if I try to be frugal in the garden, I have to be frugal with garden accessories. Any money that I spend, I prefer to spend on unusual plants.

Still I am always trying to google up interesting designer furniture sites to see things that I might dream about. And maybe I will be lucky enough to find something that I both like and can afford.

I have found some great sites with furniture I like-but they are mostly in Europe, in England. And they are really out of my price range. But I am a dreamer.

Meanwhile I store my shabby, but still usable garden furniture for next season and a good hosing.

If readers have any suggestions of places to shop for interesting garden furniture or accessories, let us know.


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