Cyclamen In The Fall Garden

Cyclamen hederifolium by andreasbalzer

One of my favorite house plants that usually is sold in my area in late fall through winter, a great Christmas present, is the Cyclamen plant.  I love the flower and wish I could grow it outdoors because it is one of those plants that also has pretty leaves going for it. But alas, it wants to live in a warmer climate than I live in. Cyclamen persicum grows in Temperature Hardiness zones 7 and above.

So when I learned that there is a perennial cyclamen that will grow in my area, I had to have it. There are a few different cyclamens that bloom outdoors in the fall. I bought Cyclamen hederifolium.   It is such a delightful plant; I am so happy with it in my fall garden. It grows in Hardiness Temp. zones as low as Zone 4.  It has virtually no pests plaguing it. This is my perfect type of plant.

I had read that it likes to be planted under a tree for shade and the dogwood I planted it under is in the middle of a garden bed. I hope they spread as promised. But I wish I had planted them closer for viewing. So I recommend that if you do plant this little flower, you choose a location where it can’t hide.

Next week I am going to visit one of my favorite nurserymen, Barry Glick, in his nursery Sunshine Farm and Gardens in West Virginia. You know what I plan on buying there.

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