Encroaching Lawns

I received this question from Rosita:

Cuento con un pequeño jardina frente a la casa como hacer una guarda
protectora para el cesped?

The Garden Lady was told that Rosita is asking for a way to protect
her lawn from encroaching into her garden. This can be a big job but
the end results will look very professional.

The Garden Lady thinks the simplest method yet a very attractive
solution is to use a manual or power edger and just cut a clean edge
between the lawn and the garden.

To be fancier, you can put a pathlike divider using  things like
pebbles or rocks between the garden and the turf.  I have seen
landscapers use this method and many people like this look.  The
reason the Garden Lady  would not want pebbles or rocks is that unless
one puts a barrier -like a synthetic fabric- under the pebbles or
rocks, weeds will eventually grow through the stones. But it does have
the appeal of a dry streambed that one sees in Japanese gardens.

.You can edge the area and then use a plastic barrier or put brick’s
in a decorative pattern around the area you want to edge.  “Martha
Stewart Living” gives instructions on how to do this here. 

There are many fences for edging the lawn on the market that you can
buy in your local gardening shops or through the computer. The Garden
Lady does not recommend any particular store, but for suggestions of
fencing made of metal, willow or bricks on line check out some
computer commercial companies. There are many sites. Two chosen at
random are this and this.

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