Plants in Crystal Pots

I received the following question from Sol:

How can I conserve mini plants in crystal pots?

Your question is not quite clear. Do you wish to plant miniature plants in crystal pots that have no drainage holes? What plants do you want to plant- miniature African violets, cacti, alpines?

Remember plants do best when you can put them into an environment that is closest to their indigenous environment. Most plants do not like to sit in water. They want the water to drain through the soil. So it is best to keep the plants in pots with drainage holes.

The Garden Lady’s suggestion would be to fill the crystal pot with glass beads, marbles or pretty pebbles. Then sink a miniature plant, in its own pot, in the center of the crystal pot. That way the pot that the plant is in will be hidden by the surrounding glass beads or whatever you chose to use, but the plant will appear to be planted in the crystal pot. Then when you water the plant, the water can seep through its own pot and settle in the bottom of the crystal pot. If the mini plant you are referring to likes humidity this water in the bottom of the crystal pot will keep the humidity level up.

Remember that as you water and feed any plant, excess minerals will leach out. These minerals can cause a hard film to form on the surface of the pot. Do you want this to happen to your good crystal? By leaving the plant in its own pot, you can easily remove it from the crystal pot and clean the crystal before the pot gets this build up of minerals.

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