What’s In a Name?

The GardenLady received the following question from a Mr. Lima: 

I have a friend named Glaucia. I heard a few days ago about a flower with this same name.  Can you help me find something about this flower, perhaps an internet web site, even a link… Please!! I´ll be very happy if I can show my friend the flower with her name!!

Because Valentine’s Day is coming, TheGardenLady would like to help find a romantic link between a flower and a name.

Glaucia  was a name used by the Romans and means Bluish Gray. I believe this is also used today as a name in Portugese. The only flowering plant I could find with the name Glaucia in it that has a pretty flower is the The Glaucia Tree Tobacco plant that can be read about on a website that sells seeds.  

There is also a Blue Spruce Picea glaucia Evergreen Tree.  It is known for the color of the needles which are bluish gray.


A graceful tobacco which can grow very tall, thus the name tree. They can grow up to 20 ft. Their flowers are bright yellow and are very striking against the blue foliage. Also makes a lovely garden specimen.  Highly valued for chewing and smoking.  It is said to have very small quantities of nicotine. A wonderful cigarette tobacco and like Turkish, can be smoked alone and essential for blending.

The Blue Tree Tobacco plant (Nicotiana Glaucia) is indeed an elegant specimen. Here are a few pictures of some in bloom. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger view.

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