People Enjoy Irises in TheGardenLady’s Garden

Wild Iris by macropoulos

TheGardenLady wants to continue to write about some of the flowers in her garden that make people  stop and ooh and aah.  Today she will talk about irises.

2012 has been a spectacular year for irises. I love them all but am particularly fond of the dark purple Siberian Iris.

Here is what Homestead Farms Nursery writes about Siberian Irises.

[They are a] maintenance-free species of plants. These graceful, but rugged plants bloom in late spring and maintain their beautiful grass-like foliage all season. After bloom, the mature seed pod and stem are excellent in dried arrangements. They prefer sun to part shade in evenly moist acidic soil. Not enough good can be said about Siberian Iris. They are rugged, vigorous, smothered with bloom. Not fussy about soil, they take a wide range of conditions, quickly forming large clumps. Resistant to iris borers and drought tolerant once established. Give them plenty of water until established. They love to be mulched.  This very hardy iris grows in zones 3-9.

And deer don’t touch them.

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