People Enjoy Hydrangeas in TheGardenLady’s Garden

hydrangea blooming-01 by kazukichi

TheGardenLady continues to write about some of the flowers in her garden that make people  stop and ooh and aah.  Today she will talk about hydrangeas.

Paz e Esperança by Eduardo Amorim

There are so many different hydrangeas that you can choose from. They have lovely, wonderful and showy flowers and some plants have interesting leaves. They are called the workhorses in the garden because, as this fact sheet says,  “they can be grown in either full sun or partial shade. They are resistant to most insects and diseases. They can be grown in a wide range of soil but prefer a rich, moist soil and should be planted where watering will not be a problem.”

Most hydrangeas are very easy to propagate- just scratch a little of the stem, put it on the ground with a rock on top to hold the scratch part in the soil and it should make you a new plant.

However, hydrangeas do not like wind or drought and deer do like to eat them.

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