Modern Funky Balcony Planter

TheGardenLady is always scanning the Internet or nurseries for unusual or new gardening items. I just saw a funky new design of pots that cleverly hang on railings. The company that makes these pots is called Greenbo. Check out the website of this company.  These pots would be great for those gardeners who live in an apartment where the only place to garden is a small balcony with railings that are not too thick- not more than 4 inches wide-that you don’t want to or can’t hammer nails in to hold window boxes.  And the design of these pots the advertisement claims is such that they won’t fall off the railings. They better not if they are used on balconies in a high rise apartment. That’s the only thing about the design that makes me a bit nervous. I wish they had a secondary security system. But look at the design to see if they will work for you.

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