Finding ceramic or clay pots with holes for plants

inside of planter by brododaktula

TheGardenLady received this question from Sarah.

I’m looking to buy 5 or so used, large pots for planting, made of either ceramic or clay.  They need to have holes in the bottom for drainage and a saucer to catch water.  I’m trying to find used ones, as long as they are pretty and in good shape.

This is late in the season to find large pots for planting that are cheap. One can always go to thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales or look in your local $1 store.  Check your local nurseries- not the big box stores. Many of the local nurseries had their sales in the fall when they were selling everything for at least 30% off. Ask the nurseries if they still have big pots left and if they will sell them to you at their sale price.

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Modern Funky Balcony Planter

TheGardenLady is always scanning the Internet or nurseries for unusual or new gardening items. I just saw a funky new design of pots that cleverly hang on railings. The company that makes these pots is called Greenbo. Check out the website of this company.  These pots would be great for those gardeners who live in an apartment where the only place to garden is a small balcony with railings that are not too thick- not more than 4 inches wide-that you don’t want to or can’t hammer nails in to hold window boxes.  And the design of these pots the advertisement claims is such that they won’t fall off the railings. They better not if they are used on balconies in a high rise apartment. That’s the only thing about the design that makes me a bit nervous. I wish they had a secondary security system. But look at the design to see if they will work for you.

Building a Cold Frame for Planting Seedings and Cold Weather Crops

Cold Frame by terriem

Recycling is the hot word these days. And gardeners are doing more of it. You can, too. For example, if you have external doors made of glass or storm windows that are no longer used, reuse them to build your own cold frame.

What is a cold frame? A cold frame is a bottomless box with a hinged glass door or window on top that is used for planting seedlings and cold weather crops to extend the growing season. It grows cool loving plants for a longer period in the year and helps acclimate plants started indoors in the spring so they warm up (harden) to be planted later in the season.

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