Ideas on How to Decorate the Garden

Flinstone Chair! by Just Nick…

TheGardenLady will be going to some Garden Shows this Spring. Besides wanting to see the creative floral displays, I am looking for ideas to decorate my garden. I want to see the type of statuary or furniture they are showing. Of course, I prefer the decorations to be as inexpensive as possible, but I need the ideas first.

I was thinking of possibly putting more seating in my gardens. I already have a stone bench. But what about having sofas in my backyard garden? Something that will withstand all weather conditions and not be washed away by the flooding that sometimes occurs after heavy rains. And I want the furniture that has an artistic, funky quality.

I am thinking more along the lines of the decorations in one of my favorite gardens, Chanticleer the Pleasure Garden in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  This garden has some of the most interesting furniture and sculpture located discreetly on the grounds. Each piece is a treasure to find in this, one of the loveliest of gardens.  Among the most fun treasures to find when you visit is their stone sofa. The creators of this sofa had a sense of humor that everyone understands. I don’t think anyone can pass this sofa without trying it out for comfort. Photos of these delightful sofas and other creative decorative furniture that are on Chanticleer’s grounds are on one of my favorite nursery person’s blog, Carolyn’s Shade Garden.

If any gardener has the funds to finance making his own sculpture for his garden but doesn’t know where to have it built, TheGardenLady can recommend one such place. It is called The Digital Stone Project.   This facility is across the road from Grounds for Sculpture, the wonderful sculpture park in Hamilton, NJ.  The Digital Stone Project can take your idea from your sketch and make it into a real stone item.  If I could ever win any jackpot, that is one thing I would do- I am such a dreamer.

If any reader of TheGardenLady blog does create a work of art for their garden, please send us, the readers, photographs.

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