Winter Holidays are Coming!

The holidays are coming and this Garden Lady’s thoughts are of the garden and the plants that I want to add to my garden. There are many great gifts online that gardeners may want. But as for this Garden Lady, I cannot wait for plant catalogs to arrive in my mailbox. Instead of sugarplums dancing in my head, I have thoughts and dreams of flowers. So I am eager to see what is new in the seed and plant business that I can buy for my garden.

Now that I have limited space in my garden, I have to be much more selective of the flowers I add. I would love it if readers of TheGardenLady blog would tell me about their favorite flowers. The garden lady has a wooded property so that the sunniest area is the front of the garden on the eastern side of the property- this is where most of my plants are planted. This is the area nearest the street, so that this garden is for everyone who passes by- and people love to walk or drive by just to see what is in bloom. So could my readers suggest their favorite big showy flowers so that drivers and walkers can enjoy them, too? Tiny flowers just get overlooked in this garden. I also would like readers to recommend favorite plants that are low maintenance, low care plants that have flowers for a long blooming season. This garden is in temp zone 6b.

As the winter starts, TheGardenLady will write about the plants in this garden. There is a big variety of plants so that something can be in bloom most of the year. And then when there are no flowers in bloom, there are interesting seed pods or parts of the plants that can be used for dried flower arrangements. The other day two ladies came over on two days to pick dried plant material to use in a wreath-making class at a local museum. They were most excited about the seed stalks of the Ostrich fern and the white dried heads on the garlic chives Allium tuberosum, a plant I love because it blooms in August and I could eat it, if I wanted. But the deer don’t touch it.

A Happy Chanukah and a Merry Christmas to all TheGardenLady readers.

And, once again, here are photos of some of the best Christmas light displays around the world.

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