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Not only is this the time to enjoy your garden and its flowers, but this is the time to start thinking about visiting other gardens to see what others are doing in their gardens. Some of the garden ideas you see in others’ gardens can sometimes be brought home and used in your gardens.

How do you get into other people’s private gardens if you don’t know the people? There is a wonderful organization that allows you to do this. It is The Garden Conservancy. They have convinced gardeners around the country to open their private gardens for a few days each year so that the public can visit.

“The Garden Conservancy was established in 1989 by Frank Cabot, the distinguished American gardener. This organization allows people to visit individual garden as well as public and private organizations that one might never have the opportunity to visit otherwise.” It is best if you can become a member of The Garden Conservatory; as a member you can “help ensure that America’s treasured gardens remain intact as part of our natural and cultural heritage.” If you cannot afford to join, check out their site that gives a list of which gardens will be open on which dates. The gardens that allow visitors through The Garden Conservatory are in every state in the US.

Two other events that will be coming up that garden lovers should not miss are:

1) Trade Secrets (see here)  Held in Conn. on May 19th and May 20th, 2012. This is the Show of Garden Shows that everyone who loves gardening on the East Coast, and perhaps beyond, must attend. Not only will you brush shoulders with some of the best gardeners in this country, but this event has the top garden vendors selling their merchandise. And you will also get to tour some of the loveliest private gardens in Connecticut.

2) Earthly Delights (see here) And then on June 2nd and 3rd plan on coming to Earthly Delights, New Jersey’s “Preeminent Horticulture Event.”  There will be top vendors selling garden items and top Horticulturists giving lectures.

There are fees.




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