Things to do in October

*Start tidying up for winter – Leave seed heads for birds

*Bring in houseplants

*Bring in summer bulbs for storage

*Start digging, manuring and rotating heavy soils for next year’s planting

*Plant Spring bulbs

*Plant flowering shrubs and trees for next year

*Start a new compost site

*Harvest mature green tomatoes

*Handpick bagworms (check out this site)

*Control hemlock wooly adelgids (check out this site)

Insects to watch for deer tick – Adult peak activity until early December (check out this site)
More interesting links about ticks are these…
1) Adult deer tick adult female (check out this site)

2) Deer tick and lyme disease (check out this site)

Insects trying to get into your homes over Winter
1) Boxelder bugs (check out this site)

Here are some more links about bugs getting into your home over the winter

2) Western conifer seed bug (check out this site)
3) Asian lady beetles (check out this site)


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