The 2012 Burpee Seed Catalog – Part I

Black Cat Petunia by Burpee Gardens

When I was a little girl, the Sears Catalog was my dream/wish book. Now I am grown and I still have “dream/wish books.” Only now these books are seed and plant catalogs. How I wish I could buy every plant I see in some of these catalogs.

I just received my first dream/wish book, the Burpee Seed Catalog. Reading this catalog, I wish I owned a larger property. I wish I had more room to plant all the fabulous plants in this 2012 catalog. Are plant options getting better and better? It seems that way.

In the 2012 catalog there are so many new seed selections; but I will write more about some of the new plants later.

Besides all the new plant options, the Burpee 2012 Gardening Catalog has so many seeds that are Burpee Exclusive seeds. These Burpee Exclusive seeds look so fantastic that I wish, wish, wish I had more room to try all of them. For example, Burpee has the world’s very first black petunia. It is called Black Cat. Growing this, Burpee says, will make history in your garden. It is early blooming and they say it will bloom all season long.

Another Burpee exclusive is their White Wedding zinnia which they say is the most brilliant white zinnia ever seen.

Lisianthus by cdanna2003

Another flower that is a Burpee exlusive is their Lisianthus, a rose like flower that can take the heat. In fact it seems that all their Lisianthus plants are Burpee Exclusives.

And almost all the Marigolds in this catalog are Burpee Exclusives.


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