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Red, White and Blue flowers by fayemozingo

TheGardenLady gets a number of interesting questions, comments and garden related links sent to the blog. I look forward to readers taking the time to comment or ask gardening questions. I am very appreciative of each and every thought that is sent to my blog. For example, I was appreciative of the lady who enjoys Agastache in her garden and enjoyed my comments on the plant, or the frustration of gardeners who have problems getting rid of the plant with the common name ‘Snow on the Mountain.’ This GardenLady not only finds out what readers are interested in when it comes to plants, but I learn from my readers.

Some of the comments are sent to older posts. So I hope the readers of TheGardenLady blog take the time to go through the archives and reread the posts and check to see if there are any new comments at the end of the posts.

In some of the comments there are links to nurseries that I would never know about. There are so many wonderful nurseries in this country, it is impossible for any one person to know about them all. Recently TheGardenLady received a comment for the June 8, 2009 post on where to buy Mini- Sansevieria. The comment to this post came to on July 2, 2011 from a nursery that sells exotic plants. This nursery is called Glasshouse Works.  They have an exciting list of exotic and rare plants, including sansevieria, as well as garden art. I spent a delightful hour reading about their wonderful offerings. They give a phone number where you can call for information if you have a question and if they do not sell the plant you are seeking, perhaps they could tell you where to buy it.

Also, keep your questions coming. I write this blog by myself, so I do not always get to the question immediately. But I try to answer every question eventually. And sometimes if I feel that some questions are related, I may lump the questions together in one answer. So check to see if my response answers your question.

Now that it is summer, I dream that some readers will reward this blog with photos of their gardens, or photos of gardens they have visited- with a brief paragraph about the garden- or photos of their favorite plants and why they love them.

TheGardenLady is looking forward to more comments.

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