Problem with an Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree by usedcarspecialist

TheGardenLady received this question from Doug.

I have an avocado tree that I started from a seed. It is over 3 years old and about 4 feet tall. It is in a pot. Recently the leaves got brown on the tips and then the entire leaf dried up and fell off. Now new leaves have come out and look good, but they too are turning brown and looking dried up. What is the problem and what do I need to do to fix it?

It sounds like you may have had too much salt accumulating in the soil in the pot your avocado is growing in. It is recommended that you freely water the plant and let the water drain for several minutes- don’t let the pot sit in the water. The other option is that you repot your avocado in new humous rich soil. Good luck.  See here.

I think this should solve your problem but since I cannot see your trees, if this doesn’t work, you could take your tree to your local Master Gardener office for their free advice. If you live in the California area some of the Master Gardeners there are specialists in avocados because they have been avocado growers. (You can try phoning one of the Master Gardener offices in Ca. to see if they can answer this problem- Master Gardeners give answers over the phone)


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