People Enjoy the Hellebores in TheGardenLady’s Garden

Pretty in pink by fotovision47

As people compliment my garden when they walk by, I take mental notes of which flowers have the WOW factor that encourage these compliments. Even though everyone loves lilacs, for example, they do not elicit compliments. Nor do showy plants like canna lilies, salvias or zinnias. Of course, flowers planted in large groups, like evening primroses or the overall effect of a plant situated in the  lovely landscaping elicits compliments.  However, in the next several weeks I will be listing 9 plants that make people stop in their tracks or in their cars to tell me how impressed they are or to take photos. Almost all the plants chosen do have huge, showy flowers- nothing subtle about them. To me they are the fireworks that are the big grand finale in a fireworks show.

The first on my list are the Hellebores, the common names are Lenten or Christmas rose. These flowers are not the showiest of all flowers, but they bloom early in the winter when almost nothing else is in bloom. Sometimes they start blooming at Christmas time- hence the common name Christmas rose. The flowers last for about two months, maybe even longer.  It is May and mine are still blooming.  Each year the plants are in your garden, they produce more and more flowers. An added bonus is that no animal or pest seems to touch these plants.  See here.

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