Oriental Melons

Chinese melon by NomadicEntrepreneur

Yesterday was my most recent trip to an Asian supermarket where I found a variety of interesting melons that I have never eaten. I love melons so I wanted to try some new ones. I asked an Asian shopper who was buying them what they were like. She told me one was very sweet and the other crisp and not so sweet.

Most of the Oriental melons were very small, enough for one person, or for a light eater two could have a little half. So I bought the two different Oriental melons. I liked them, they could be nice serving “dishes” to fill the cavity with sorbets.

I have tried one which is called Korean Hybrid Golden liner. The one I tasted is just ok. It is not very sweet. I would not rave about it, but maybe I got one not too ripe.

The other melon is either a Chinese melon or an Oriental Melon, which hybrid I am not sure. It looks like a tiny honeydew melon. If it is as good as a good honeydew, I will be rewarded. The lady said this melon should be very sweet.

All these Oriental melons can be grown in the home garden if you have a hot summer at least 3 months long. It might be too late in most areas of the states to plant melons now that the summer is so advanced; but you can go to the Asian grocery stores now and sample the melons to see which ones you want to add to your garden next year.

Then you can order the seeds here.

To read more about varieties of melons and how to plant this warm weather vine see this.



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