Liquid Fence, a great product to protect plants from deer and rabbits

Readers know that ThisGardenLady relies on a product called Liquid Fence to protect my plants from the deer and rabbits who either live on my property or visit frequently.    TheGardenLady does not get any money from telling people that I use this product. However, if I find a product that works for me, I want others to know about it.

But what happens if a product you love comes in a container that doesn’t work? If you bought Liquid Fence recently,  you might have been as frustrated as I recently was with the nozzle. The nozzle did not allow the Liquid Fence to spray onto the plants. Presently my garden looks beautiful because it is loaded with late summer blooming flowers, flowers that are delectable especially to deer. I sprayed it recently, so I know nothing will eat the plants now.   My concern was how long these flowers will last if I cannot spray them again soon.

I know that I could never have a blooming plant in my garden if I didn’t have some product to prevent the deer from eating my plants. Before I found Liquid Fence, the deer ate just about everything. It was so depressing.

The street where my property is located, abuts, on three sides, to parks  Two are woodland parks. A bear was sited recently in the area. I have a stream dissecting my property where deer and other animals like to drink. Because of the stream and the occasional flooding, I cannot fence my property. My property has a lot of small shrubs along the stream where deer like to make their beds. I see deer cavorting in my back yard and have even seen a newborn near the stream.  I see deer scat (scat means animal poop) all over my property; there is even deer scat near the plants next to  my front door- so I know that deer are in my front yard as well as the back yard even when I don’t see the deer. (see here) With all these deer around, it is nearly impossible to raise plants.

I also have rabbits on my property. I see their scat as well. But since I started spraying Liquid Fence which repels both deer and rabbits, I have fewer rabbits on my property. I see more of them at the neighbors. (I tell the neighbors what I use, so I am not being mean spirited.)

So when I discovered how Liquid Fence allowed me to have flowers and plants, I think I became one of their most loyal customers. And I tell everyone to use this product. (I repeat, Liquid Fence does not pay me to say this. I wouldn’t turn them down if they did offer :- )

If you don’t know about Liquid Fence, besides its being an effective repellent, organic and safe, the company says it is “America’s number one selling.” The company supports Breast Cancer research. All their products are green and eco- safe. Liquid Fence is very stinky when you spray it- its main ingredients are rotten eggs and garlic; but when it dries, humans can no longer smell it but the animals surely can. The American Rose Society recommends this product.

So when the nozzle did not function this last time, I was more than distraught. It happened on the newest large container I bought. I called the company to complain. They apologized and said the company that manufactures the nozzles had not told them they had changed their nozzle device with the latest containers. They told me that they would send me a functioning apparatus.

If you are having a similar problem spraying with Liquid Fence, and the nozzles are not working, please call Liquid Fence and let them know so they can replace the nozzles or give you a new container to pour the liquid in. They will mail them to you for no cost to you – FREE.

When they sent me the replacement, they also sent their catalog of products. They have the most wonderful sounding other products that I never knew about. Let me tell you of just a few of the ones I want to try.

Yard Net  Lawn & Yard Insect Repellent which they say reduces the presence of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, gnats, etc.

Bed Bug Killer is another product I want to get if I travel. It comes in a 3 oz pump spray.

CowPots – The pots you plant, to start, your seedlings made out of 100% composted cow manure.

It looks like it may rain later, I just came back from spraying. Thank you Liquid Fence.

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  1. I have been using Liquid Fence with great success for over 3 months but
    this morning the nozzle stopped working. Is it possible to get a replacement?

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