Jonn Scheepers’ Seed-Starting Timetable

Image from John Scheeper’s Website Kitchen Garden Seeds

One of the catalogs that this GardenLady has been poring over has been the John Scheepers “Kitchen Garden Seeds” catalog. But how does a reader know when to start plants indoors to have them ready to plant outdoors when nature in your Temperature Hardiness Zones tells you it is safe to plant outdoors? One doesn’t want to begin seeds indoors too early or they may grow “leggy” and not strong enough to set outdoors. Or one might start the indoor seeds late so they wouldn’t be far enough advanced when transpanting outdoors. And do you know which seeds are best to start indoors and which are best to sow directly into the ground outdoors?

Here is the general indoor Seed- Starting Timetable for seeds from John Scheepers and the information about which seeds should be sown directly into the ground outdoors. Also, there are contact numbers for more information that you can get directly from John Scheepers.

When growing indoors, make sure you have all necessary equipment; some plants may benefit from LED grow lights.


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