Is your mother-in-law tongue plant harmful?

sansevieria blooms by pennycarnathan
sansevieria blooms by pennycarnathan

TheGardenLady received this question from Chery.

Is the aroma produced from the blooms of your mother-in-law’s tongue plant

As far as TheGardenLady is concerned, she enjoys the fragrances of flowering plants and does not believe any of them are harmful. She loves the fragrance of the Sansevieria, Mother-in -law’s tongue plant. Fortunately, TheGardenLady has no allergies.

Though there is some problem if one eats the plant parts or some people get what is called contact dermatitis from touching the plant. The plant has low toxicity, and it may cause excessive salivation – though rats fed the flowers have died.  Read this.

TheGardenLady would recommend keeping the plant away from animals or children who might eat or play with the plant.

People who are sensitive to or have allergies from plant fragrances are another issue. TheGardenLady has never seen any evidence of the aroma of the Sansevieria being harmful, but she is not a physician and can not say if the Sansaviera fragrance would be harmful to people with allergies to fragrances.

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  1. The issue of plant toxicity has come up again and again for me. I just removed ten large autumn monkshood(aconitum) plants from a clients garden because they are evidently highly poisonous…even too handle them can cause some reaction!
    I realize that poisonous plants are not a big concern in the garden, but when you have children and pets it is good to at least have some knowledge about your plants…
    GartenGrl at Planning Plants to Plant

  2. I have a large mother in law plant, that has done very well for several years. For what ever reason, it is starting to dye. I find several stems that are extremely wet at their base, and are falling over.I do not over water, in fact, the soil is very dry,but more and more of the stems are becoming wimpy.

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