International Compost Awareness Week

The finished compost bin by London Permaculture

I just learned that the first full week in May is International Compost Awareness Week or ICAW.  Since I know that all the readers of TheGardenLady blog are composting all their leaves and garbage (except for bones, meat, grease or carnivore feces, like dog and cat poop) I believe you are aware of composting every week of the year. But just in case some new reader does not know about composting, please start becoming aware of composting THIS week and continue doing it for the rest of your gardening lives.  (See here and here and here)

Don’t know how to compost you say? . Check out the Fact Sheets on Composting on the Rutgers site.

By doing your own composting, you are making the best soil amendment you can get. You will be mimicking what Mother Nature does to create soil in the first place. You will be saving yourself money by not having to buy bagged compost or compost that some nursery makes.  Some nurserymen call bagged compost dead compost; but the stuff you create at home is living compost. You will save your local government from having to pick up your leaves and garbage- hopefully that will mean less taxes for you. And you will make your garden grow better by your adding your compost to it or mulching your plants with it.  And you can use it to pot or re-pot your indoor plants. This is a win-win-win situation.

If you haven’t already done it: START COMPOSTING!!!!!   Any questions?

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