If You’re Celebrating Easter or Passover, TheGardenLady Hopes Your Holiday is Full of Happiness

Darom Adom – CC-BY – Zachi Evenor by Zachi Evenor

TheGardenLady wishes all those who celebrate Passover and Easter, a very happy holiday season surrounded by family and friends with good eating.

This is a wonderful time to decorate your homes with beautiful flowers. If you would like to have something different instead of the usual lilies, tulips and hyacinths to decorate your homes, consider the Anemone coronaria or poppy anemone (see photo above) if you are lucky enough to have a florist that sells this flower. The Anemone coronaria grows wild in the fields and forests of Israel in the spring. (See here)  So, in a way, you will be bringing a little of what the ancients saw in Israel into your homes. (See here)

If you want to plant this flower in your garden, there are over 100 species so that you might be able to grow one of them in your area. (see here) Then if your neighborhood florist doesn’t sell the flower, you might start your own business. Anemone coronaria St. Brigid Anemone will grow as a perennial in zones 6-9, otherwise you treat the tuber as an annual by digging it up and replanting each year (see here).

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