How Much Light Does A Bonsai Tree Need?

Cotoneaster by OpenEye (on flickr)
Cotoneaster by OpenEye (on flickr)

If you bought a Bonsai  tree you might wonder, as one of my readers did, how much light it needs. The amount of light needed for aBonsai tree depends on the species. When you buy a Bonsai or create one, you should have directions on the amount of light it needs. If your bonsai flourishes better outdoors, pick a spot that provides six or more hours of sunlight. Though Juniper bonsai tree needs filtered or shaded light. You must allow your Juniper bonsai to get low intensity morning sunlight when possible and avoid the direct afternoon sunlight. Indoor bonsai need two to four hours of natural light near a  window, or artificial light.

Because Bonsai trees are artificially created, they need special care and you should ask a specialist to advise you on the care of your particular bonsai.

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