Good time to buy garden supplies

Supplies from Home Depot by cybertoad

I have been surprised to find plant nurseries offering sales already. In my area a favorite nursery is having 50% off on everything in the nursery. It seems really early in the gardening season for these sales. I don’t know the reason for such early sales; there seem to be many reasons such as overstock, anticipated drought or the economy. Whatever the reason, sale time is the time that TheGardenLady adds more plants to her garden. Summer has just started, so the summer flowering plants will be blooming for quite a while. I notice that catalogs are also sending me 1/3 to 1/2 price off plant sale flyers and online plant nurseries are also advertising their sales.

Today I went to my local Ace hardware store and found that a limited number of some of the Safer organic plant products are on sale if you send in the rebate form. Ace also has deals on other insect sprays and weed , grass and brush and vine killers. The price for the Safer products was 1/5th Ace’s regular retail price; I did not look at other prices. If you use these products to control pests, you should check out these special sales.

So if you need anything for your garden, this might be the right time to do your shopping. And maybe gardening will be on your 4th of July agenda to work up an appetite for all those barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs you plan on eating.

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