Gardening in a Bag

I recently read an article about a woman in Africa who used bags that were discarded to grow vegetables in her small yard. She was so successful at it that she also brought in added income for her family. I later learned that many ladies in Africa have cleverly created gardens  using bags. As they realize, a container is a container is a container so that as long as the vegetable roots have space to grow, the plant will thrive.

I have always wanted to try planting potatoes in a black plastic bag.  You can use any black bag as long as it is not transparent. For directions check out the YouTube video above. This is a fun project for kids to try.

If you want to be an even lazier gardener, you can buy a sack of gardening soil and cut out a hole and plant your tomato plant in it.  You will need to use fertilizer in the garden soil you buy if it doesn’t have any added and a tomato cage for the tomato plant to grow and not topple upright. (see here) You don’t have to only grow tomatoes and potatoes in the bags, you can grow beans or peppers or experiment with other vegetables or flowers.

If you live in an apartment and only have a deck or patio that is in a sunny location, try “farming in a bag.”  Or if you are limited in space, you can garden without doing any building of raised beds or buying fancy containers.

Have fun. And let the readers of TheGardenLady blog know how you succeeded with your bag garden.

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