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Torture by Sun Dogs & Daylilies

It is that time of year when garden catalogs start coming in the mail. I think gardeners have a problem; at least this gardener does. There are so many plants that I lust to own that I can’t read a seed catalog or go to a plant nursery and not find another plant that I want to add to my garden. So in spite of all the plants in my garden, I am definitely ordering more from some of the catalogs I have received. And some of the catalogs are giving half off the price of the order as an added allure.

But now the problem is where can I find space to plant.  Most flowering plants want sun. But I have a lot of trees. My dream is to get rid of as much lawn as possible and just fill the yard with flowers. But then I have deer… and rabbits…. Oh well, one has to dream and add to the garden.

If you are not receiving any catalogs, you can always go on line. But if you like to receive catalogs in your mailbox like I do, so that you can go over and over the items at leisure, there are many free catalogs that you can order and have mailed to you. Just remember to share your unwanted catalogs with friends and family when you have finished reading them.

Remember when ordering from a catalog that some catalogs will not ship to your location. But if it does, as much as you love your postal service, the cost of shipping can add up significantly. This postage money can be used to buy another plant in your local nursery where you are helping to support local industry. Catalogs can be used as a starting point to see a new plant or garden product you might not have known about. And catalogs often give good information about plants so that you can use the catalog as reference material to see if a plant is right for you and your garden.

I am giving a list of some of the catalogs around the world. Some catalogs are only online. My list is not all inclusive. And some lists are redundant. I have given some lists from some countries of the world but not others- mostly English speaking countries. If you know of a catalog that you can recommend, the catalog can be from any country in the world, please let TheGardenLady readers know about it.

In the US

A good list of free catalogs is here.

A much more extensive list of catalogs with customer ratings of whether they liked the catalogs or not is here.   This list includes nurseries around the world. Some nurseries have catalogs but not all seem to be in English.*

Thompson and Morgan seems to be quite international in their seed offerings.

A limited list of catalogs:

From around the world:  See here.  (caveat- not all the sites open)

Seeds from around the world:  See here.

From Canada (see here and here)

Nurseries Online

From the UK (see here and here and here and here and here and here)

From Australia (see here and here and here and here)

From France (see here)

From Holland (see here)

This is a Dutch family company in the US (see here)

Two American companies selling Dutch bulbs (see here and here)

From Ireland (see here and here)

And if you are ambitious, the Massachusetts Hort. Society has a list of catalogs with the year they were published. You can do a google search yourself to see if any that you want are still out there. (see here)

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