Free Tickets for Botanical Gardens and Arboretums from Bank of America

Davidia involucrata by Jura Wanderer

When TheGardenLady learns of free tickets to gardens, she will share them with her readers. And she hopes that if TheGardenLady readers learn about free or reduced rate tickets to gardens, they will share this information with TheGardenLady blog.

The newest list is thanks to Bank of America.  See here.  Though it is ostensibly for museums, and most of the tickets are for museums, some of the places listed are for botanical gardens or arboretums. TheGardenLady also loves to visit museums, so I hope her readers do, too, and will take advantage of these wonderful offers.

Dorion by Bruce Beasley by Kaldoon

In Hamilton, NJ one of the best places to visit both for the sculpture and for the grounds is Grounds for Sculpture. This Sculpture Park has 35 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with interesting trees and shrubs as well as some flowering vines, perennials and annuals. There are two indoor museums, 250 outdoor pieces of sculpture, two shops, two restaurants- one modest priced and one called Rats which is one of the best restaurants in NJ and certainly one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. I call Grounds for Sculpture the Garden of Eden; though the landscaper, Brian Carey, insists it is more like an arboretum. Take advantage of these free tickets. Plan on spending an entire day on the Grounds- you really need that much time. Then let the GardenLady know if you agree- should it be called the Garden of Eden or maybe Paradise?

Winterthur ~ A Country Estate by Diana827

In Deleware , you can get tickets to Winterthur and visit both the museum and the grounds which has one of the best outdoor plantings of Galanthus (snopdrops) and other minor spring bulbs. And if you are lucky, you might get there during the spring when the Handkerchief or Dove tree- Davidia involucrata is in bloom. This Handkerchief tree is located near the main buildings. It is one of the most unusual flowering trees TheGardenLady has ever seen. The flowers look like handkerchiefs fluttering in the breeze. I have seen more of these trees in European gardens than in American gardens; it is fairly difficult to find these trees in many nurseries in this country. It grows in zones 6 through 8. It likes a protected site that has rich, high organic matter in moist, well drained soil, a site that has shade in the afternoon. I understand it takes 15 years to bloom.  See here.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens by rbglasson

In Nashville, Tennesee you can visit the Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art. And then take in some Grand ole Opry- sorry I couldn’t find free tickets for that.

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens by Fritz Liess

In Palm Desert, California you can visit the Living Desert which is a zoo and a botanical garden.

I didn’t check out every state to see where they are giving the free tickets. I will let my readers choose where they want to go. Have fun. And again, Thank You Bank of America.

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