Edible wild plants and weeds (Videos)

Wild Violet by Mr.Mac2009

TheGardenLady has been writing a series about weeds in your garden that are edible. There are many videos showing the edible weeds. Remember only eat weeds if you are with an expert- unless you are absolutely certain that you know what you are picking. In many cases the plant has poisonous lookalikes so one has to be positive about identifying plants. Remember that not all plant parts may be edible. And just because the weeds are edible does not mean they will agree with your digestive system.

This GardenLady knows it is fun to get something for nothing. But she never advocates doing anything that is unsafe. So always beware and err on the side of caution. Only when you know what you can eat safely, then you will have a way of enjoying Nature’s true bounty while saving money.

In my yard, I have lots of other edible weeds that I did not write about. Weeds like wild violets and bull thistles. These are weeds that I like and keep for their flowers. If you move these weeds to a garden bed, you will get larger plants for more succulent greens for a salad or if you don’t eat the plant, the flower plant grows larger because they are cultivated.

A few of the many videos on You Tube showing edible wild plants with many of the weeds TheGardenLady wrote about are:

The following hour long video tells about many edible wild plants as well as recommends books on wild edible plants. It also stresses that one has
to be careful when eating many of the native wild plants unless you are foraging with a trained botanist.

The last video is #1 of a 10 part series. Mostly it shows plants of the West Coast of the US though some of the plants grow in all of the
US and parts of the rest of the world. You can find the remaining 9 parts of the series if the first part interests you.

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