Edible Weed Online Resources

aka “Maypop” by rittyrats

Besides books and videos, there are some interesting sites on using edible weeds.

Remember that some weeds were brought here by people who wanted the plants in their gardens for food, medicine or dyes. Other plants grow as weeds in some parts of the country or another country and are so pretty some clever person realized those weeds could be sold to others as flowers. An example of a weed that this GardenLady wants in her yard is a plant called  or hardy passion vine that grows as a weed in the Midwest but is considered a pretty flower that few people have on the East Coast. Also, Passion vine has a seed pod that is edible, a treat really.This particular Passion Vine will grow in zones 6 till Zone 9 or 10, but it can become a weed in warmer zones.

An interesting website is Mother Nature Network which includes information on weeds you can eat. There is a list of articles on edible weeds as well as edible really invasive weeds.

For an alphabetized list of edible plants with good photos to look at check this out.

Food Under Foot is a blog that gives interesting recipes for using what we may call weeds.  This site does as well.




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