Do Hydrangeas, Lilies and Dahlias Love Sun?

Face to the sun by Quiltsalad

TheGardenLady received this question from Kareena.

I had someone plant flowers in my garden. I told them the types of flowers I like (dahlias, lilies, tulips). There are already 3 azalea bushes there. They planted 3 hydrangeas, 4 lilies, 4 dahlias. There is sun all day because I am at an end-unit. My question is: Will the flowers have a problem growing/staying alive with this combination and the all-day sunlight?

All the flowers that you mention, except for perhaps the azalea bushes, love sun. Usually azaleas like afternoon shade. Some Azaleas like Encore Azaleas do like all day sun.  Since I do not know the type of azaleas that you have and because I cannot predict the intensity of this summer, one cannot say for sure if your azaleas will have a problem where they are planted. But since the 3 azaleas are already growing in the garden, I imagine that they have established good root systems and are happy where they are so they will continue thriving for you. Let us hope. Be sure to water the azaleas regularly and should there be a drought, be sure that you give the azalea bushes ample water.

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