Did You Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas?

Curitiba’s Recycled Xmas Tree by Garota Sem Fio

How eco-friendly was your Christmas this year? How many of TheGardenLady readers chose the real Christmas tree over the manufactured one?

More and more scientists are proving that a real tree is really more environmentally sound than the plastic trees. The NewYork Times had an article telling about the scientific studies that prove this. See here. The firm Ellipsos had done the study using Christmas trees grown in Quebec or manufactured in China and said that “The annual carbon emissions associated with using a real tree every year were just one-third of those created by an artificial tree over a typical six-year lifespan. Most fake trees also contain polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which produces carcinogens during manufacturing and disposal. ”

On the other hand, in Haifa, Israel, an Israeli artist created an artificial Christmas tree using recycled water bottles and LED lights.   See here.

TheGardenLady readers would love to know what you did this year to make yours an eco-friendly Christmas.

2 Replies to “Did You Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas?”

  1. I too noted that real trees are more eco-friendly. It appears there is a lot more information on this subject being presented each day. I am always glad to find more support for the real trees. My friend is a Christmas tree grower and has been telling me this for years. Love the trees you found too. So clever.

  2. Unfortunately I had a very un eco-friendly christmas this year, artificial tree (which is at least six years old), but the worst bit for me was that I had to buy all the vegatables for the Dinner this is the first time I can remember that we have had to do this. The vegetable plot we have normally provides all we need but this year due to the unusual weather I was not able to harvest anything so had to resort to shop bought produce which was not very tastey either.

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