Colorful Varieties of Vegetables for a Rainbow on Your Table

The colorful part of any meal seems to be the palette of vegetables that one can find on one’s platter. In today’s grocery market or farmers’ market one can shop for the usual vegetable but in an unusual array of colors. Or you can raise these colorful vegetable varieties in your own home garden. It amazes TheGardenLady to see all the new colors of vegetables that one can now grow in a home vegetable garden.

For example, orange always seemed to be a pretty enough color on the plate. For example, how attractive are orange carrots with the green of the green beans and the white of the potatoes? But now you can change the colors if not the foods. Using the same foods you can now serve them in different colors: like white carrots with yellow (green) beans  and  purple potatoes. Or would you rather have purple carrots with an orange potato and a colorful pinkish French green bean? (see here)To raise colorful carrots, check out Cosmic Purple Carrot for 2014 that is purple on the outside with shades of yellow or orange flesh. (see here).

Or consider raising a red carrot that they say gets brilliant red with slow cooking. This is the Atomic Red Carrot.  (see here)

There is also a white and yellow carrot.  It is said that there even used to be a green carrot but in the 17th century in Holland where there was a wide range of carrot colors, the orange carrots won out in the breeding of carrots. TheGardenLady is pleased that these colorful varieties are being hybridized for our modern table; I wish I could also find the green carrots.

Then there are the colorful beets on the market that one can raise in the home garden. Not only are there the traditional ruby red beets. But how about the
white beet? or the stripped beet or the yellow beat?

Of course, we know that sweet bell peppers come in green (in the unripe stage and edible) and red, yellow and orange (in their ripe stages). But did you know that Bell Peppers come in purple and brown, too?  (see here and here)

With all the colorful varieties of vegetables  that can be grown in the home vegetable garden, one’s vegetable garden can be as pretty as the flower garden – with the bonus of a harvest at the end of the plant’s growing season. And every cook and chef at home can become an artist using the colors of the vegetables as your paint.

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