Garden Dreaming

Winter may not be the time for gardening outdoors in most of the country, but it is the time of year to start dreaming about plants and gardens by getting seed catalogs in the mail or going to flower shows or going to garden symposiums and lectures.

One website that claims they list over 500 Garden shows in the US in 2015 and also tells you where to get tickets is this.

A good website to find 70 free seed and plant catalogs is this.

Every botanical garden in the country and most of the great gardens have outstanding lectures on plants, horticulture, gardening, you name it related to your garden or indoor plants. Check their list of programs to see if there is a talk that interests you. Wikipedia has a list of the major botanical gardens and arboretums in the US. You can then go on the website of the place that interests you or find their phone number to call to see what talks or garden programs they will be having in 2015.

Happy garden dreaming.

Michael Dirr to be Keynote Speaker at Master Gardeners of Mercer County’s 2013 Horticultural Symposium

Michael Dirr

If you live in NJ or plan on being in the Princeton, NJ area on March 16th, 2013 or if you enjoy traveling to symposiums, you might consider signing up for the Master Gardeners of Mercer County’s outstanding annual horticultural symposium. For the last few years, The Master Gardeners of Mercer County, NJ have held excellent gardening symposiums that are extremely popular and well appreciated by those who attend. Every year these symposiums have been sell-outs. This year they seem to have put together what promises to be their best symposium ever. So even before information about the symposium went public, over HALF the seats have been sold already.

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Announcing the 9th Annual Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium

The 8th Annual Great Gardens & Landscaping Symposium

Are readers of TheGardenLady interested in attending Garden and Landscaping Symposiums? Here is a site that gives information about one symposium called the 9th Annual Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium. It will be held in April (the 13th and 14th) in Vermont and looks like it has some outstanding lecturers. It is open to all garden lovers. You can read about all the speakers at the site.