Earth Hour and Earth Day

Earth Day Embrace by jurvetson
Earth Day Embrace by jurvetson

Mark these dates on your Calendar: March 28th and April 22nd

Gardeners are wonderful people. The reason is that they are not only beautifying their own environment but are also beautifying the earth. And they are helping and protecting the earth. Gardeners give back by planting and by composting. Gardeners are nurturers, nurturing the earth.

But, sadly, there aren’t enough of us. The earth is becoming sick.

Two organizations that are trying to help the earth heal are Earth Hour and Earth Day. TheGardenLady thinks that her readers know about these organizations; but is writing this column just in case some don’t. Earth Hour is an international organization. TheGardenLady hopes Earth Day will become more internationally recognized.

TheGardenLady wants her readers, in all parts of the world, to spread the word about Earth Hour and Earth Day and what they are doing. Spread the word to family including children, friends and acquaintances. And, I hope, you will personally get involved in their activities.

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