2014 Flower Shows

In December sugarplums may have danced in one’s head. But in January it is the FLOWER SHOWS that plant lovers dream about.  These Flower Shows will soon open their doors to showcase the magic of flowers.  And the 2014 Flower Shows look like they will be winners.

You don’t want to miss your local or state flower show. And if you have cabin fever during this long cold winter, think about planning to follow the flower show trail around the world.

Every year this GardenLady gets to the Philadelphia Flower Show, which is touted to be the largest indoor flower show in the world.  This year’s Art Themed Flower Show, called ARTiculture  will run March 1-9th. To avoid crowds it is advised to come when the doors open or around dinnertime.

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Gardens to see spring bulbs in bloom


It is still a little too early for many spring bulbs to be blooming in TheGardenLady’s garden. In a few more days, flowers will seriously start showing off. The buds on my daffodils are ready to open- one already did.  I can see some hyacinths forcing their flowers out of the leaf bases. One gets a little impatient waiting.

If you enjoy seeing masses of spring bulbs in bloom outdoors, there are wonderful gardens that one can visit.

Winterthur in Deleware is a wonderful place to see early spring bulbs in bloom. This is the week is when their March Bank is especially lovely. What they refer to as the March Bank is the oldest surviving garden area at Winterthur. H.F. DuPont, the owner of the estate, began naturalizing daffodils on this rolling hill in the early 1900s and “by the 1940s had planted thousands of snowdrops, snowflakes, crocus, squills, and glory-of-the-snow.”

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Wayne Art Center Exhibit: Photographs of Chanticleer Garden by Rob Cardillo

Chanticleer – a pleasure garden by Rob Cardillo

To dream of spring, TheGardenLady readers might want to attend a show with some outstanding photos of a wonderful Pennsylvania garden. This show, running until March 19th at the Wayne Art Center.

Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA. will exhibit 42 photographs showcasing Chanticleer Garden by photographer Rob Cardillo.

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