2014 Flower Shows

In December sugarplums may have danced in one’s head. But in January it is the FLOWER SHOWS that plant lovers dream about.  These Flower Shows will soon open their doors to showcase the magic of flowers.  And the 2014 Flower Shows look like they will be winners.

You don’t want to miss your local or state flower show. And if you have cabin fever during this long cold winter, think about planning to follow the flower show trail around the world.

Every year this GardenLady gets to the Philadelphia Flower Show, which is touted to be the largest indoor flower show in the world.  This year’s Art Themed Flower Show, called ARTiculture  will run March 1-9th. To avoid crowds it is advised to come when the doors open or around dinnertime.

The Hampton Court Flower Show in England is billed as the  largest flower show in the world. It will be held July 8 – 13 this year.

If you plan on being in England, the list of the main flower and garden shows sponsored by the Royal Hort. Society is listed here or other English Garden Shows are also listed here.

TheGardenLady loves to go to the Macy’s Flower Show in Manhattan. This year’s theme, The Secret Garden, will be held March 30-April 13. This flower show is FREE. Don’t forget to look at the displays outdoors in Macy’s windows before entering Macy’s to see the gorgeous flower displays.

This GardenLady also goes to the NJ Flower Show  This will be held Feb 13-16 (read this).

Don’t miss the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival that starts in March.Other flower show dates around the world can be seen here

TheGardenLady hopes to visit Scotland this summer so I am disappointed that the Ayr Flower Show will be held so late in Aug. this year.- Aug. 22nd through Aug. 24 (read this).

The Dundee Flower Show in Dundee, Scotland is Sept.5th -7th

If you have a favorite garden show that you love, please share your photos of it with TheGardenLady readers.

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  1. 01 Aug 01, 2010 13:52 I also have one rose bush. When we moved in, there were three, but I am down to one. It is hanging on with all its stegtrnh. I love the way you pictured this one. Just lovely.

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