Buying Plants from Nurseries When It’s This Hot

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TheGardenLady feels sorry for plant nurseries in this heat and drought. Not only do they have to do frequent watering, but TheGardenLady can’t imagine many people buying right now. So the nurseries are putting their plants on sale and some prices are almost so low that it seems like the nurseries are giving away the plants or just barely covering costs. Russell Gardens Wholesale has some perennial and herb plants on sale for $1.  So you can pick up some bargains.

But buyer beware!

Another reason for these sales is that gardeners know that one should avoid planting in hot, dry weather, because this weather can easily stress plants. If you must plant in summer, plant in the cool of the morning.

And unless you have enough water to give to your plants, you will have a lowered success rate of the plants surviving. All new plants, that includes trees and shrubs, like to be watered well the first year to get their root system established. Even the drought-tolerant plants need to be watered well when first planted to establish their roots.

Proper watering becomes the most important part of plant survival because transplanting causes a certain amount of shock to a plant due to the loss of roots, transportation and handling, and a change in growing conditions. So don’t think that if you have a landscaper do the work of planting for you, that your plants will survive without your watering adequately.  See here.

And when shopping for plants at this time of year, again buyer beware. It is always advisable to shop at reputable nurseries where they know their plants, can give you advice on proper care of the plant and who know how to care for the plant in their nursery. Most places get fresh plants at the beginning of the summer, but if the plant has been in the nursery for a long time, it had to be properly cared for at the nursery before you buy it. Good nurseries know what they are doing. Some of the chains hire people who don’t know how to care for the plants. A good nursery will have watered its plants properly and shouldn’t sell you something that won’t live out the week.

When you buy the plant and bring it home, since the plant has been sitting in a small pot for the summer season, at this time of the year it is probably root bound. To get the plant out of the pot, you may have to cut some of the roots off that have grown out of the holes and you may even have to cut the pot off the plant.

Sometimes soaking the plant for an hour will help get the roots more able to absorb water. And then you will probably have to make cuts in the roots – this is called root pruning – so that they will grow outward when put the plant in the ground. This cutting will help to free the roots.  See here.

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