Buying a Fig Tree in New Jersey

the fig tree’s begun to bud by Toni F.

TheGardenLady received this question from Sarah.

I was thinking about getting my brother a fig plant for Christmas. There is a plant store online, which has a retail store in CT,  that was advertised in Better Homes & Gardens for it’s fig plants –  However, they ship in an insulated box, express, which makes shipping costs more than the plant.  Do you know any place in NJ that would have a fig plant to buy?

Logees seems to be a good company to purchase exotic plants and I have ordered plants from them.

But if you are looking for someone who sells fig trees that is closer to where you live, there is a man who does successfully raise and sell fig trees in NJ. TheGardenLady would not know about people who does this kind of specialty gardening in most states, but it so happens that at a time when I was interested in raising fig trees, I heard about this man whom I will refer to as the Fig Man. I was lucky to attend a lecture by him. This Fig Man is certainly successful.

When I listened to his complicated methods of caring for his fig trees on the east coast where the climate is not really good for a fig tree, I felt that it was way too complicated for TheGardenLady to do. Nor do I have the space to store them in the winter. So as much as this GardenLady loves fresh figs, I will have to purchase them from the grocery store. But if you, like this reader, wants to know an excellent source to buy fig trees check out this website that tells the Fig Man’s, William Muzychko, methods and how you can contact him.  See here.  If you are interested in raising figs, see if you can get to hear William Muzychko’s lecture. I hope you have the same success rate as Bill does.

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  1. I have a15 year old turkey fig started from shoots. last year I could not keep up with the amount of fruit growing on the tree. this May not leaves tip of the branches are red turning to a deep gray almost black then natural color of the tree bark.
    the branch snap in half and are not pliable. I cut a large branch it is hard yellow in color with a white center. has my tree died I have never covered it, in the past was this winter to much for the tree. help

  2. I hope someone has a response for you because the same thing has happened to mine. Nothing on the branches at all. We never covered it but this past winter in NJ may have done it in.

  3. I have the same thing going on with my fig tree and so do my neighbors who also had fig trees, anyone know what is going on with them?

  4. leave the tree — cut some branches back — it will come back just might be later than early ~~ good luck

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