Broccoli for The Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving will soon be here and if you are like TheGardenLady, you are wondering what should be made to make this year special. I know I don’t want to have the same old menu each year. It is much more fun to prepare something that will surprise the guests but be a tasty, delicious surprise.

I am thinking of making something different as a sidedish or maybe a soup.. Because I want to try to have a more healthy feast, I am thinking of using broccoli as the different item on my menu. Isn’t broccoli, Brassica oleracea, the vegetable that is touted to be one of the healthiest of vegetables these days? (see here) I know that my physician is pushing me to eat more broccoli. Though not my family’s favorite vegetable. I want the broccoli at my table to knock everyone’s “socks off.” Do readers of TheGardenLady have a broccoli recipe that you can recommend that is outstanding and will make the family stand up and cheer? If you do have a great recipe that you are willing to share, please send your recipe to TheGardenLady so that all my readers and I could try it.

I did not taste broccoli until the mid 50’s when Italian neighbors planted their field with broccoli and gave us unlimited amounts. My mother boiled it because that was the only thing she knew to do with the broccoli. We didn’t know how nutritious it was. Though TheGardenLady read that people who have thyroid problems should check with their physicians to see if they should eat it.

My mother used only the top, or flower part of the broccoli and threw away the stems which I have later learned are very nutritional- just peel off the out tough outer part of the stem before using. (see here and here).

You might still be able to get broccoli into the garden if you haven’t had your first fall frost. If not, consider planting broccoli in your garden for a summer harvest. (here)



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