Would you throw out your old gold?

You read this correctly. Would you throw out your old gold?  I doubt that there is anyone rich enough to do that. And no one would be rich if he or she threw out gold.

So why would anyone throw out their fallen leaves? ( plus most of their garbage) This was a question going through my head as I was raking my leaves.  Because that is what so many of my neighbors, and I am sure your neighbors, do.  Some not only throw the fallen leaves out, or give it to their trash or city collectors, they pay to throw it out. They BUY bags to stuff the leaves in so the city can collect them easier. Now they have the extra work of stuffing leaves into bags. Unbelievable!!!!   First people are throwing out a valuable resource; going to the extra work of bagging the leaves and then paying to have this resource taken from them. Is this crazy or what?

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Today when I went out to rake my patio, I was shocked and very pleased to see that for the first time a flower that I had planted a few years ago was in bloom. I was shocked  because it is almost ½ way through October and we have had what seemed like two small frosts. I am pleased because the flower is really quite pretty.  

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