Monday, May 21st, 2012...4:13 pm

Harvesting Maize in Botswana

The following post is from my friend Pai (aka Lynne) who joined the Peace Corp and was sent to work in a town called Mmathethe.

I’m visiting the town of Kanye in Botswana today, so I’m taking this opportunity to send you these pics of what I saw on my walk the other night. It’s harvesting time for the maize, and unfortunately, people did not do well because of the lack of rains this year, but I thought this was really cool. These people are spending the next several days carving off every little piece of maize to sell to the other villagers. I tasted it last week at my host mom’s house, but it is not sweet like our corn. In fact, it tastes so very bland. But the people in Botswana enjoy it.

Yes, that is a big watermelon you see in there. The water melon is more watery than we know, and filled with huge pits, but they eat it all day long this time of year.

On Monday, I am going to harvest my first lettuce from my own garden. I think it looks big enough to eat!


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