The Kingdom of Lesotho


My friend who is  in the Peace Corps in Botswana visited The Kingdom of Lesotho and wrote to TheGardenLady:

I knew Lesotho would be beautiful, but I was completely unprepared for an environment that is truly untouched by man, a small mountain kingdom entirely surrounded by South Africa. Most of the Drakenberg World Heritage Site is a spectacular and seemingly unpenetrable range of mountain and wilderness, looking exactly as it would have before humans walked the planet.  It was indeed a patchwork of quilt, stitched with time and aged with silence.   Hiking for 7 hours per day, and some pony trekking, was filled with intriguing vistas that touched every one of my senses.  The hills were adorned with yellow and purple wildflowers, the colors and shapes of the hills differed at each turn, water falls with swimming holes were set in valleys surrounded by rock formations that were stunning, and a small amount of 100,000 year old rock art was seen.  Apparently, the art was drawn with blood and dirt, and how this held up for all these years is just remarkable.  Most of the art was of human figures, but we did see an eland, and a few other animals.  The Basotho people are proud of their Kingdom, they plant local veggies and sorghum seasonally while living without electricity and most amenities.  Nine of us stayed at Malealea Lodge, which consisted of Eco friendly rondoval huts, and other structures for eating and lounging that were so welcoming to the eye.  Hiking is not easy in these parts, but the surrounding beauty made us all forget our legs!


(My friend did not see many flowering plants when she visited, but like South Africa, the Kingdom of Lesotho does have numerous wildflowers – see here.)

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Harvesting Maize in Botswana

The following post is from my friend Pai (aka Lynne) who joined the Peace Corp and was sent to work in a town called Mmathethe.

I’m visiting the town of Kanye in Botswana today, so I’m taking this opportunity to send you these pics of what I saw on my walk the other night. It’s harvesting time for the maize, and unfortunately, people did not do well because of the lack of rains this year, but I thought this was really cool. These people are spending the next several days carving off every little piece of maize to sell to the other villagers. I tasted it last week at my host mom’s house, but it is not sweet like our corn. In fact, it tastes so very bland. But the people in Botswana enjoy it.

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Lynne’s Horticultural Experience in Botswana

A dear friend, Lynne, joined the Peace Corp and left sunny California and her beautiful garden to go to Botswana, Africa for a sunnier location and hopefully a new and beautiful garden. Lynne was sent to work in a town called Mmathethe. I asked her if she would write about some of her gardening experience and the plants that she sees in Botswana for readers around the world to read.

How much do we know about Botswana? If you want to read her humerous and delightful blog, check it out here.   Here is the first post for TheGardenLady with photographs and with some added comments from TheGardenLady.

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