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Anna Ball: President and CEO of Ball Horticultural Company

Anna Ball (Photo from CobraHead Blog)

I wrote how this GardenLady enjoys attending horticulture lectures. I recently attended a horticulture conference where the keynote speaker was Anna Ball, the President and CEO of the Ball Horticultural Company whose headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois.

Blue and Lilac Wave Petunias by Mr.Mac2009

The Ball company is a wholesale company that has introduced some of the most popular garden plants that grow in our gardens today. They have created such plants as the Wave® Petunia and Fiesta™ Double Impatiens. The Ball Company is very concerned about sustainability in gardening. What they mean by this is that they are always striving to bring better plants to market- plants that need less water, energy and chemicals to flourish. This is a company working to bring the best plants to our gardens.

One of the most interesting discovery, for TheGardenLady at this lecture, is that the Ball Horticultural Company has over 9 acres of display beds for annuals and perennials, including the newest plants from the industry’s leading breeders and marketers, at their Chicago headquarters. These gardens are open to the public. These are the Ball Gardens which have been the evaluation and testing grounds for the world’s wealth of horticultural introductions and improvements for more than 75 years. TheBall Gardens are wheelchair accessible. I believe that there is no fee to visit these gardens. Before you go, phone for more information

For visitor information, call 888 800-0027.

Ball Horticultural Company is located at:

622 Town Road

West Chicago, IL 60185

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