Bob’s Market and Greenhouses

Another person I met at the conference was one of the owner’s of Bob’s Market and Greenhouses. Later he invited a group of us to visit their greenhouses and meet the rest of the family who run this wonderful company. We not only got a chance to learn about this company and ask questions, but we had the opportunity to tour the Greenhouses.

Bob’s is one of the many nurseries that raises the seeds that Ball Horticultural Company creates and produces. Bob’s Greenhouses plant the seeds and creates what is referred to as ” plugs” (little pots with plants) that we buy in the retail nurseries around the US where we shop.

It seemed, when we visited, that Bob’s Greenhouses specializes in pansies. There were greenhouses filled with them. I bought a few pansies that I planted in my front yard where I had dug up plants that had to go indoors for the winter. Bob’s is both a wholesale and a retail operation, one of the largest in West Virginia.

If you are visiting WV and would like a tour, you can contact Bob’s Market and Greenhouses to see if you can get in on a tour. But since most of TheGardenLady readers won’t have the opportunity to visit this greenhouse, the interesting thing about this operation is the excellent information they disseminate. They have an excellent website where they give “how to” advice and connect you to some excellent links.  You can sign up for their newsletter or check out their archives of old newsletters. And they even answer personal gardening questions.

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