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Moringa oleifera by dinesh_valke

There are so many seed catalogs whose photos show such wonderful plants that you can grow in your gardens, it almost seems too difficult to choose. Still I recently discovered yet another seed catalog that I think TheGardenLady readers will find as exciting as I did. Will this additional site add to the confusion?

This online catalog carries really unique seeds. They sell what they say are the “rare, exotic, unusual and beautiful” plant seeds. For example, if you are a hot pepper lover, they have varieties I never heard of before. They have seeds to raise trees- one has to be patient if one wants a tree, though many of the tree seeds are for bonsai lovers.

I discovered this site because I was looking for a place where I could buy the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree– supposedly the tree that is packed with more nutrition than any other tree; a tree that could stamp out malnutrition in the world. They sell the Moringa oleifera seeds. Here is what this seed company writes about the Moringa tree- “it is cultivated for its leaves, fruits, flowers and roots for a variety of medicinal and nutritional purposes and also grown as an ornamental. Its seeds are used for water purification. According to the Trees for Life organization, gram for gram, Moringa leaves “contain 7 times the vitamin C in oranges plus 4 times the calcium in milk plus 4 times the vitamin A in carrots plus 2 times the protein in the milk plus 3 times the potassium in bananas.”

So if you are looking for unusual plants for your garden, click on to Whatcom Seed Company.  They tell you the USDA temperature zones where their plants will grow. They also have Temperature Zone Maps that show what the US equivalent is in Canada, Europe and Australia. They ship their seeds not only in the US and Canada but also to Europe and Australia. Readers from other countries should contact them to see if they can ship elsewhere. 2000 – 2012 Whatcom Seed Co ———

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