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                              Photo taken by Celine

In case readers hadn’t noticed, this is a great time to buy plants. Most nurseries have already started their sales. One can purchase plants from 25% off the retail price to much more off. Nurseries want to get rid of most of their plant stock so that they can start planning for purchasing next year’s plants. They want to have room not only for garden favorites, but also for the newest hybrids that are going to come to market in 2009 and also for plants that are winners of plant awards, like The Perennial of the Year or the All American Rose. So now smart buyers can reap the benefits.

Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs as well as bulbs and perennials. It gives the tree or shrub time for its roots to get established. Just be sure to double check with the nursery to see if this is the time to plant your specific purchase.  Reputable nurseries will know and be honest with you.

TheGardenLady just bought two new roses for her garden, Livin Easy a gorgeous floribunda rose and The Fairy Rose  at 25% off the retail price from one of the best nurseries in her area.

Friends have even bought roses like David Austen Roses, roses that are from of the top rose companies, at Home Depot or Lowe’s for almost give away prices. People who didn’t know how pricey these roses can be passed them by until my friends saw them. If you know what you are buying and can check to see the condition of the plant – that it is not dead or dying- you can really be a brilliant purchaser. Just remember that at stores like these, the people selling might not know too much about the plants to give you sound advice. You have to be the informed consumer.

TheGardenLady has been getting catalogues and flyers that are offering great sales. Russell Gardens Wholesale just announced their “Dollar Days Are Back!” sales of their perennials. Some of their perennials are now selling for as low as $1 Breck’s sent me their catalogue that says I can get $25 of free bulbs – I just pay the postage. They must have had a banner year of bulb crops to make such an offer. Of course, TheGardenLady realizes that they hope I will buy more bulbs. And TheGardenLady is not sure that this offer is for everyone or just those who have been loyal purchasers of Breck’s bulbs the past. But it is worth contacting Brecks or call 1- 513-354-1511, to see if you are eligible. Mention that you read about Breck’s special on TheGardenLady blog. I don’t know if it will help, but it is worth the try. (This offer expires on Sept. 19, 2008)

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