Pink Lady Apples for Jewish New Year, aka Rosh Hashannah

May you have a sweet year by _Bonnie_
May you have a sweet year by _Bonnie_

TheGardenLady received this question from Ariel.

Do you know when lady apples are in season? I heard it wasn’t until October, I wanted to use them in September for Rosh HaShanah.

The Pink Lady Apple is a new apple that was developed in Western Australia and is now grown in the United States on our west coast.

Because TheGardenLady wanted to give you the correct information, she contacted the Pink Lady America spokesperson.  Pink Lady America is a grower-supported association in Washington State.

Here is their response:

Thanks for contacting Pink Lady America.

Are you referring to ‘Lady Apples’ or ‘Pink Lady Apples’? Domestic Pink Lady Brand Apples are available from December until mid summer while fruit from Chile is on the market through September.

If a consumer can’t find this apple at her favorite supermarket, we
recommend she ask the produce manager and store manager to stock it.

Thanks again,

Alan Taylor
Marketing Director

Pink apples with honey would look lovely on the table at Rosh HaShanah. Have a sweet, happy, healthy New Year.

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