How To Kill Weeds in St. Augustine Grass

Bubble on St. Augustine grass by jmorgan90
Bubble on St. Augustine grass by jmorgan90

TheGardenLady received this question from Mary.

Will Round Up or Weed-Be-Gone kill my St. Augustine grass? The oxilis is mixed in with the St. Augustine.

Ortho Weed b Gone can NOT be used on St. Augustine grass.  Roundup is a systemic that will kill any plant so that it also can NOT be used on a lawn without killing the grass.

However, there is a special product to kill the weeds in St. Augustine grass. The product is called Weed B gon Spot Weed Killer for St. Augustine grass.

It can be bought at nurseries or at places like Home Depot. This is a granular product which has to be watered when applied. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PACKAGE AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY. Keep pets out of the area where the product is used until the lawn is dry. For any questions contact the manufacturer. They have people on the phone who will answer all questions including where to buy in your area.

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