Great Websites about Holiday Plants

Holiday Season is here and many readers are getting their houses and properties decorated.  Some good websites about holiday plants.

Haven’t bought your Christmas Tree yet and want the best for your home decor? Check out The National Christmas Tree Association.

There is a  website that tells you where to go to cut your own tree.   Each state should also have a listing, like this one for NJ.

And you can find out if the place you are getting your tree sells ORGANIC trees. Here is one list of Organic Christmas Tree nurseries. (If you are going to have the family fun day of cutting your own tree, call the nurseries before you go to be sure they are open and have the type of tree you want.)

If you are decorating your house with holiday flowers there are some good websites for caring for these flowering plants.

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Mercer County has a good website for gardening all year long. And now they have information for holiday plants.

If you want to take care of you Poinsettia all year long check out this site.   And for an interesting article about the history of the Poinsettia as a Christmas flower read this.

Have a beautiful holiday and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

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